March 6, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

This week hasn't even officially started yet, and I am already feeling tired when I think about everything that has to be done!  I am starting this week behind, and I am HOPING to be ahead, somehow, by the end of the week.  I'll settle for being caught up though. 

I have gotten my menu plan for the week done, which is something I haven't gotten around too lately with these bouts of never-ending sickness in our house.  Each time I think we're done - BAM, something hits one of us again!

Before I list my menu plan - I must say something to the best lady I have ever known...


Now, before proceeding to the menu plan - everyone wish Mama a happy birthday too!  :)

Ok, now that I have successfully asked complete strangers to send Mama birthday wishes, here is my weekly Menu plan!  (I do my menu plans with Day 1, Day 2, etc instead of Monday, Tuesday, etc)

  1.  Southwestern Egg Rolls with Cilantro Cream Sauce, & Avocado Onion Salad
  2. Italian Spiral Meatloaf,Make-Ahead Loaded Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Deviled Eggs
  3. Red Pepper Pesto Shrimp Pizzas
  4. Spaghetti & Garlic Bread Baguettes
  5. Skillet Tacos
  6. Beef Cheddar & Potato Pie
  7. Southwestern Chicken Mac n' Cheese
Be looking for a lot of these recipes coming up! 



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