October 18, 2011

Deviled Egg Spiders

Welcome to the 13 Days of Halloween!  Over the next 13 days, I will be bringing you all sorts of spooky treats.

First up are these creepy crawly deviled egg spiders!  They are SO easy to do!

Deviled Egg Spiders


  • 1 dozen deviled eggs, whichever recipe you use
  • 1 can pitted black olives


Slice 6 black olives in half & several more in thin wedges.

 Place the black olive halves in the center of the deviled eggs.

 Place 8 thin wedges on each deviled egg, 4 on each side of the black olive half.

That's it!  Creepy, crawly & delicious.  You don't hear that very often!


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