March 6, 2012

Deviled Avocado

Remember a couple weeks ago when I made those awesome Spicy Pop Pulled Pork & Cilantro-Jalapeno Slaw Sandwiches? If you don't, you totally need to head over there - print out the recipe, and make them right now.  

That Cilantro-Jalapeno Slaw was so good, that I couldn't imagine just having it with that dish - and wanted to do something a little different with it other than just put it on the side of a meal.  Although that would be good too.  Like enchiladas, or tacos, or..... Ok, I'm getting off track here, and getting hungry again.

Back to it.  

What I did was I took the recipe for the cilantro jalapeno slaw & added diced avocado & tomato to it - and then stuffed it inside of an avocado shell, that still had a small rim of avocado along the inside.  Squeezed some lime juice on top of each one, and a little sprinkling of good ol' salt & pepper. 

Just when I thought that slaw couldn't get any better - it did.

It was extremely good - magnificent even.  I mean, I love avocado anyhow - and then this slaw incorporated into it.  It's like true love.  True love that you eat.  

And, even though it wouldn't be as good - you could always use your favorite deli coleslaw & mix in cilantro & jalapeno.  I'm sure that would still be pretty darn yummy.

Deviled Avocado



Hollow out your avocados, leaving a slight rim around the edge of the shell. Dice the avocado up in small bits.  

Combine the diced tomato & avocado with the cilantro-jalapeno slaw.  Spoon into the hollowed avocado shells, and squeeze the juice of half a lime on each one, or less if you have really big limes.  Sprinkle with salt & pepper to taste.


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