May 9, 2012

Balsamic Veggie Non-Kabobs

I am really embracing the grill lately, and really enjoying it.  Usually, my husband is the grill master - but I've taken on a little bit of grilling myself lately. Well, outdoor grilling.  I'm mean on my cast iron grill top ;)

Here is the South, roadside vegetable stands are already popping up & the first squash & zucchini are starting to make an appearance too.  I was so ready to try a simple grilling technique with them, and then add some other colorful veggies to the mix too.  After all, you eat with your eyes first.

These balsamic veggie non-kabobs are healthy, easy - and most important, extremely pleasing to the taste buds!  

Click here to get the recipe card.

I created this recipe as part of my weekly healthy/lightened up recipes over at Life Around Home, so if you haven't yet joined me over there - come on over & check us out.  Life Around Home is the first ever social media community driven television show, and we'd love to have you be apart of it all too!


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