April 29, 2012

Week 17 - Above the Stove & a Food Declutter too

This week has been stressful to say the least.  I have been experiencing crazy swelling, and got into the doctor to find out what could be causing it.  It was suspected that it could be a problem with my kidney.  Kidney as in singular.  I just have the one.  My first one was punctured when my 6 year old self flipped over the handlebars of my bike & collided with the corner of a stop sign. There was no saving the kidney, and it was removed.  

I'm still awaiting further tests - but I have decided that I need to take some measures myself.  I don't eat much processed food - I cook from scratch most of the time.  But, I'm guilty of having canned veggies...canned cream of whatever soups - and such like that.  Have you ever checked the sodium levels in that kind of stuff?  Whoa. It's high!!  I surely don't need any of that extra sodium with just one kidney - and most definitely don't need it if I'm experiencing problems with my only kidney.  I went thru everything in my pantry, and got rid of all the processed stuff.  Going to do the same to my freezer in the morning, and take it all to the women's shelter.  

So, that's counts as not only decluttering the pantry - but also decluttering my body.  :)

Now - gotta get the top of that stove decluttered.  It's not horrible - but I store some cooking things on top of my stove.  Sometimes those things like to fall down - and it's not so fun when those things happen to fall into a skillet of bacon frying.  

I popped into Goodwill last week, and found this cute little hangable basket for just $1.  I grabbed it up, and just knew it would be perfect for organizing this area.  I ended up screwing it into the wall, just millimeters above the top of the stove.

Things like the cinnamon & the small containers of homemade spice mixes went into my baking cabinet.  The sprays, olive oil, spices, & such that I use frequently went into the basket neatly.  

I'm liking this method lots better!!


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